Fire safety.

Fire safety for Basic, Medio+ and Pro+


We have taken a stand – and that is why you can safely invite nature inside with I-Wood Denmark®.

Fire performance is a crucial area, and therefore it is important for us to be able to document approved use of our panels.

I-Wood Denmark® has been subjected to a number of tests on our standard panels.

Fire classification

I-Wood Denmark® Basic, Medio + and Pro + (ordinary MDF) have been tested in accordance with EN 13823 to prove that they fulfil a minimum of D-s2, d2 (class 2 panelling), which is the requirement for domestic ceiling panelling. If you have specific fire requirements or questions, please contact us.

Tested structures:


Directly on plaster

Test results are currently being processed

Test results are currently being processed


Increased fire classification requirements

If your project includes increased fire classification requirements, I-Wood Denmark can components including the following:

  • MDF, B-s1,d0-approved raw board
  • Felt, B-s1,d0-approved
  • Polyurethane varnish, flame-retardant

If you would like a specific surface treatment, or if your project requires a certain fire classification, then please contact us to discuss your needs and for advice concerning this. You might also require other types of materials, raw boards or veneers.


Projects with increased fire classification requirements