Sustainability and quality.


A Greener Future with FSC

At I-Wood Denmark®, we are proud to be FSC-certified, affirming our commitment to sustainable forestry and the responsible use of natural resources. Our FSC certification ensures that all our wood comes from forests managed with care for both the environment and local communities, and other responsible sources. This certification is a symbol of our promise to contribute to a more sustainable future and our dedication to producing eco-friendly products. By choosing I-Wood, you support not only quality products but also a greener and more responsible world.

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EPD: Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At I-Wood Denmark®, we are proud of our EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), which highlights our dedication to environmental responsibility. This certification ensures that our production process has been thoroughly evaluated for its environmental impact from start to finish. The EPD certification is proof of our commitment to your safety and providing transparency about the environmental impact of our products. By choosing I-Wood, you support a company that not only creates quality products but also actively contributes to a more sustainable world. If our products are to be used in, for example, DGNB buildings or in projects where values like safety, sustainability, and transparency are essential, you can now confidently incorporate our products.

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It All Starts With Us

At I-Wood, we understand that the key to a sustainable future lies in our own actions. That's why we actively take responsibility for our environmental impact. We produce felt from 100% recyclable plastic, collected from the world's oceans, as a step towards reducing waste and protecting marine ecosystems. Additionally, we use sawdust and excess materials from our production to heat our facilities, minimizing our dependence on traditional energy sources. These initiatives are part of our commitment to a sustainable future and our mission to lead with responsible and green solutions.