Acoustic panels as a headboard.

Creativity and beautiful interior design don't have to stop in the living room. You'll also want to carry the style through to more private spaces like your bedroom. Our wooden acoustic panels are ideal for use as a headboard.

As with any room, the only limit to how I⋅Wood wall panels can be used in your home is your imagination and creativity. We have seen many examples of acoustic panels used as headboards and we would be pleased to share some great ideas with you, just ask us.

Decorate with acoustic panels for the headboard

You can use acoustic panels for your headboard by laying them horizontally and creating lines that follow the surfaces of other furniture such as the bed and bedside tables. Choose the height that best suits your space. Consider how else the room will be arranged when choosing the height. Do bedside tables and bedside lamps need to be mounted on the wall panel? Then, of course, you have to remember to leave plenty of room for that.

The horizontal wall panels can fill an area from wall to wall or simply be used in a specific area. If you have a window above the bed, we'll make your wall panel match the window sill. I⋅WOOD WALL PANELS are created with attention to detail and sharp finishes. Therefore, they can be easily adapted to the details in your home.

Or choose the classic vertical lines for your headboard. With this choice, as with the horizontal ones, you can choose to fill the whole wall or a specific area.


Wall panels in the bedroom

There are many beautiful possibilities to decorate your bedroom with WOOD PANELS or FLEXI FRAME in wood. It can be used on an entire wall, as a headboard or on wardrobes. There's plenty of opportunity to create a unique space with a design that's all your own. With the wood panels you invite nature in and help to create interior design that is both beautiful to look at, creates great acoustics and is incredibly easy to install.