Acoustic panel in living room.

In modern interior design, we often see large living rooms with high ceilings. This can present challenges in terms of good acoustics. Luckily, there are some great solutions that will make your living room a great place to gather. With ACOUSTIC PANELS ON WALLS or ceilings, you eliminate unnecessary noise and reverberation.

Modern interior design of living room

Acoustic panels need not be just a practical solution. It is obvious to choose acoustic panels that will become part of your interior design. For example, invite nature in with wooden acoustic panels. Let the wood warm and enliven your interior with its natural look - and give you better acoustics at the same time.

You can incorporate acoustic panels into your interior in many ways. Use them as a partition between two sections. Cover a bar or fireplace with the wooden panels. Of course, you can also install them as classic and modern wall or ceiling panels.


Create better acoustics in your living room with a new ceiling

If you're dreaming of better acoustics in your living room, look at the ceiling. Our I⋅WOOD wooden ceiling panels add warmth and a natural look to your interior - while eliminating unnecessary noise. It's going to make the room completely different to be in.

With acoustic panels as a new ceiling, the living room becomes a wonderful gathering place for family and friends. Children can play, adults can talk and there can even be music or cooking in the background, without being disturbed by ambient noise.


Inspiration for a living room wall

Create a modern look in your living room with a wooden wall. Install wooden acoustic panels as end walls, partitions or backgrounds for your TV, for example. You can also connect several rooms, where the view through the house is captured by the wooden details.

I⋅Wood Acoustic panels in wood are easy to work with. Installation is quick and easy - with plenty of scope for customisation. The simple style with straight lines is backed up by the ability to customise precisely around details such as sockets, doors and windows. The only limit is your imagination when you invite nature inside with WOODEN I⋅WOOD WALL PANELS.