Use acoustic panels in your kitchen and create a better space.

Imagine a room that is both beautiful and quiet. Where the acoustics are perfect, and the visual impression is discreet, calm and natural. A space that invites a sense of calm and peacefulness. It can be your kitchen - even if you fill it with chatting guests and playing children.

At I⋅Wood, we dream of creating precisely that kind of space in your home using our wooden acoustic panels. Our ceiling and wall panels are among the most sound-absorbing available. This means we can eliminate unnecessary noise and reverberation in your rooms.

Wall coverings in the kitchen that create a sense of calm


With wooden panels from I⋅Wood you create a sense of calm for both the eyes and ears. The reverberation time of our I⋅Wood Pro+ is just 0.5 seconds, which is even better than the recommended level of 0.6 seconds. It may not sound like much, but you'll notice a huge difference when sound waves are no longer bouncing around the room due to poor acoustics and reverberation.

In many modern homes, the kitchen has become the heart of the home and a place where you and your family are alone and when you have guests over. That's why sound is so important for the indoor environment. It can make the room much nicer to be in.

At the same time, our kitchen ceiling and wall coverings are made from natural materials. Wood helps to create harmony and warmth when we invite nature indoors. You can also create beautiful transitions between indoors and outdoors, where ceiling or wall cladding in your kitchen or living room continues onto a covered terrace.


Interior design for the kitchen


There are many ways to use natural materials to furnish inside the home. Of course, we think that bringing wood into our homes is the obvious choice.. The simple expression gives great effect, as an ACOUSTIC CEILING or just on ONE WALL.

You can complement existing colours and lighting or create striking contrasts in your spaces. Frame the dining alcove and make it a warm and cosy area, match the wood on your worktop or drawer fronts. You can also create warm contrasts in a completely light or dark kitchen. The possibilities are almost endless and only your imagination sets the limit.