Sustainable acoustic wall.

If you want to update your home, but also want to feel good about taking care of the environment, then I⋅Wood ACOUSTIC WALL PANELS are the right choice for you. You don't have to compromise on style, décor or the environment to spruce up your home.

Acoustic panels made from the right materials

By choosing products from I⋅Wood you get products that are Danish, as well as products made from sustainable and recyclable materials. The felt used for our acoustic panels is made from 100% recyclable plastic collected from the world's oceans. In addition, all wood used is PEFC certified. So there's good reason to choose our products if you want to look after our environment.


Invite nature in with acoustic walls

All the decisions regarding our acoustic panels have been made so that you can safely invite nature into your home with a clear conscience. This means that nature is also an incredibly important element for us, both in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of home decoration.

I⋅WOOD ACOUSTIC WALLS can create a space with lots of tranquillity and beauty, just like you know it from a walk in the woods.

The aesthetic of our acoustic wall is inspired by the Scandinavian classic design tradition, where natural materials and clean lines play a major role. This can fit into most homes and it is possible to adapt it exactly to your own style and decor.


Create a sense of calm in the home

An acoustic wall will not only give you a treat for the eyes, but also for the ears. Today's living style with large open spaces and hard surfaces needs help to make the space comfortable to be in. Acoustic panels for walls or ceilings are an ideal way to infuse calmness. You will experience a home with a completely different indoor climate and you will feel much more comfortable.

Create a space you'll love to be and live in.