Partition inspiration.

Do you dream of a beautiful and elegant way to divide up a space? A partition wall can be used in your company’s office. It can also be a stylish and simple partition in a small apartment. Or it could be something completely different.

I⋅WOOD FLEXI WALL allows you to do just that. Here you get a wooden partition that both helps invite nature in and creates better acoustics in a large room. It reduces unnecessary noise and reverberation, so sound remains focused on the conversation you're part of, for example.

Smart movable partition

A nice and smart partition is not necessarily a permanent wall. It can easily be a MOBILE PARTITION, which can be moved as needed. This gives you many interior design options, whether you're furnishing an apartment, living room or business.

Choose a flexible partition that can follow your interior design dreams and needs. Instead of a permanent floor-to-ceiling wall, you can choose a mobile wooden partition that can be moved when the living room needs to be redecorated.

The same is true in companies where the layout needs to suit the number of employees. Move your partitions to frame office spaces, lounge areas and the like. With a mobile partition like Flexi Wall, the interior can easily keep up with the growth of your business.


Partition in the living room

Create more space in your room with smart partitions from I⋅Wood. For example, create a screened-off office space behind the sofa or perhaps a small creative space for the home's artists. The partition can be moved and thus constantly used to create new settings in the home, depending on what you need. A simple partition like Flexi Wall allows the family to find a balance between quiet and togetherness.

FLEXI WALL FROM I⋅WOOD has wooden legs as an integral part of the partition, so you don't have to compromise on style and attention to detail.