Office interior with wooden panels.

An office doesn't have to be boring! There are plenty of opportunities to create a unique setting for your office, while making it a practical and great place to work.

For example, do you have an office that could do with a bit of decorating and want to create an inviting space for your employees to work in? Then check out our wooden panels for both walls and ceilings. With them, you can invite nature into your office and create a warmth and calm that will benefit everyone in everyday life.

Get rid of unnecessary noise and reverberation

In open office environments, unnecessary noise and reverberation can occur and affect workflow. With our wooden panels, you can reduce noise and create much better acoustics in the office, so your employees are not disturbed by noise.

We strive to give you the best acoustics, but at the same time a beautiful expression with our WOODEN PANELS. No two spaces are the same, which is why we're here to help meet your exact needs so you can have the best environment for your office.


Flexible and easy

Office design shouldn't give you a headache. It should be easy and it should be possible to change if the circumstances of your business change, for example with more employees. Our FLEXI WALL is the ideal solution. They can be used as partitions between office spaces or for lounge areas, the only limit is your imagination. The wooden panels will characterise the interior design of the office and it will be possible to create completely new areas in the space.

You will experience a completely different atmosphere in the office and it will add a sense of calm and harmony to the room. Happy employees require a good working environment and we would love to help you achieve and improve that.