Flexi Wall.

A modern and sound-absorbing partition for the office, living room, restaurant or small apartment. Remove unnecessary reverberation with Flexi Wall in stylish panelling, a sound-absorbing core of insulation and elegant edging. Create spaces you want to be in.


I-Wood Denmark® Flexi Wall is produced according to the customer’s specific dimensions. Below are several examples showing the sizes and the different dimensions. To reduce waste and fully use the panels, you should aim to keep the dividing wall height below 1500 mm. This allows you to create two pieces from one panel.

Examples, dimensions:
(W x H) (D: 56 mm)


Standard: Mouldings: 34mm | Groove: 16mm | Depth: 10mm | Felt: 3mm
Mixed: Mouldings: 50/30/22mm | Groove: 16mm | Depth: 10mm | Felt: 3mm


Here is a description of the standard material options. If you are looking for other types of veneers such as ash, birch, bamboo or pine, or if you would like a plywood core instead of an MDF core, then please contact us. We also work with different types of surface treatments, including those related to fire requirements. If you need advice concerning your project specifications, then please contact us at any time.

Wood Oak and walnut (A-veneer)
Core Ordinary MDF (light and black core)
Damp resistant MDF
Fire-retardant MDF (B, s1-d0 approved) 
Colours Untreated: Natural
Oiled: White, Clear, Brown, Dark Brown and Black
Painted: White and Black
Felt Black or grey (B-s1,d0 approved and Eco-labelled OEKO-TEX® Standard 100)
Fire Minimum D-s2,d2 approval (class 2 panelling) EN 13823


All wood panels from I-Wood Denmark® are produced with an A-veneer, to ensure the best quality in your room.

Our acoustic panels are available in several types, including plain MDF, moisture resistant MDF and fire-retardant MDF. Selected variants are available with both black and light coloured MDF cores.

Plain MDF is used indoors for classic ceiling and wall panels. Moisture-resistant MDF is treated with special oil, so your panels can resist rot and mould and thus can be used outdoors as under-panelling, in overhangs, covered terraces or carport ceilings. May not be used on vertical surfaces that are directly exposed to water.

Fire-retardant MDF has a B-s1, d0 approval as raw board. Additionally, we offer surface treatment using a flame-retardant polyurethane varnish.

Please contact us if you are interested in other materials or surface treatments CONTACT US.


Panels from I-Wood Denmark® have sound-absorbing properties, they ensure improved acoustics and reduce excessive noise. Flexi Wall and Flexi Frame both have 22 mm of insulation built-in, which is a sound absorbing material. The two products both have a diffusing and absorbing effect and will improve the reverberation and acoustics in the room.

Acoustics and well-being are important fields and for this reason we have collaborated with Force Technology and had them perform a range of accredited acoustic tests. Read more about what good acoustics are and find more specific examples of this. You are also welcome contact us with any technical questions.


The felt is produced from 100% recyclable plastic, a large proportion of which is collected from the world's oceans. In addition, all our wood is CE-approved and purchased from certified suppliers. Thus helping to ensure sustainable forestry, with the focus on abundant plant life, wildlife and working conditions.

End moulding




Felt edges

Unique finish.
Unique finger joints.

Sublime artisanship.
Easy installation.

and recyclable.

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